Fruitarian Grocery Haul – 06/28/2012

(click on the image to enlarge, this is my actual receipt with personal stuff blocked out)

Today I went grocery shopping at walmart and got just a few items. As you know I’ve been doing a low fat high carb raw vegan challenge. This grocery haul reflects that. This will be my food for the week.

51 pounds of bananas (29 cents a pound)
14 pounds of peaches (99 cents a pound)
15 pounds of tomatoes (69 cents a pound)
a 15 pound watermelon (1.98)

In total, only cost me $32.96! Pretty cheap for one week huh. Yes I have leftover avocados from last week’s haul and I do have 3 large heads of lettuce in the fridge, however I’ll probably just eat what you see in the video.

  • Day 5 of 30 – High Carb, Low Fat, Raw VEGAN Challenge! ^.^ | A Vegan JourneyJune 28, 2012 at 11:12 pm
    [...] So today was alright, I was mainly exhausted all day from the heat. I was sweating really bad most of the day, since I’m choosing not to use the AC. It was a real treat to go to Wal-Mart and be in the air-conditioning, sad when that makes your day! LOL I made a grocery haul video so you can see all the food. I was a little sad they didn’t have any on the vine tomatoes, since I prefer them over romas, but beggars can’t be choosers I suppose. I will make a video soon showing you how I get such good deals. Oh and speaking of videos, I totally spaced off the fact I had a peach before dinner, so the calories listed aren’t correct, duh! ^.^ (neither is my cronometer image, but calories listed above ARE correct). It was a little tough on the diet today since I was at a pool party briefly. They were serving pizza and soda pop. I really miss my vegan pizza. I cannot honestly say if I’ll stick to my raw high carb diet, but I will always be high carb. I can however say I encourage everyone to do this challenge. When you think about how long 30 days is, its so small in comparison to your life. 30 days is nothing, and if at the end you don’t feel better or get the results you wan’t. Go back to your burgers and chips with the satisfaction that you at-least tried. If you want to view my grocery haul video for the next week-ish, click HERE [...]

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