Tip Tuesday: How to tell if eggs are still fresh and good to eat!


This one is a simple yet great tip that can save you lots of hassle in the long run. The day I filmed this video I actually hadn’t planned on it, but when I filled up a pot of eggs and water, one of them floated. I took this as a hint to film. It’s probably a little hasty, but my camera kept fogging up!

So how do you know if your eggs are bad? Obviously if they’re cracked or leaking they’re a no go, but what if they look perfectly fine? Get a glass or bowl and fill it with water. Using a spoon gently lower your egg into the container and pay attention to what happens. If it sinks to the bottom and lays on it’s side your egg is very fresh and tasty. If it starts to stand on end, it’s getting a little older, but still perfectly safe and tasty to eat. However, if your egg floats, even just a little bit your egg is bad! Throw it away!

Also, it’s a good tip to do this anyways if you’re at all concerned, because the eggs shown in the video didn’t expire for another 2 weeks showing you cant’ always tell by the date on the package. If you’re doing a large batch, fill up a saucepan with water and test that way.

I hope this tip helps someone! I have done this for years and it always works.

Freezer Tour Early 2015 / What’s in my freezer TAG?

Way too much stuff to type out, basically just watch the video. If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll try to respond.

I like to make these videos for several reasons, they’re fun for starts, but they also give me a chance to look back on my diet in the months to come.

If you want to check out what’s in my fridge or my pantry click the links-



What I eat in a week : January 18th – January 24th, 2015


This week I did a LITTLE better on the snacking, and I’m going to use that loosely. I don’t think I was that honest with the calorie counting because of the snacking. I have learned to keep the snacks in my house to a minimum and not to get a bunch of them at once. According to what I logged I had an average of 1675 calories. I would seriously estimate this around 1800, but again this is based on what I logged.

One goal I set was the snacking and I HAVE been doing a little better. Another goal I set was not going out to eat, but obviously that didn’t really happen. I had a Yelp elite party on Wednesday the 21st which was kind of my idea so I couldn’t NOT go. It was the first time in like a year I had drank alcohol. I typically don’t handle it well, but I did fine this day. I will fully admit I’m SLIGHTLY drunk in the video for that night, I was more sick than anything. Oh boy though, I remembered the next day why alcohol is bad. HAHA I felt more nauseated than anything to tell you the truth. Thankfully no hangover, which I’m surprised about, but It took awhile to feel good. I’m sure I drank more alcohol calories than what I logged, but I’m not stressing. I also went to Block 16 again as we celebrated my husband’s birthday early on Thursday. His birthday isn’t until the 16th of February, but I wanted to make sure he got to see the finally Hobbit movie in theaters. He loved it and it’s been a tradition for the past 3 years now. We’re both extremely sad there won’t be anymore LOTR or Hobbit movies.

I tried to make sure to eat lots of greens. I did slip a few times, but I think overall I did great. I have an addiction to Brussels sprouts as you can see, I can eat a kilo of them in a sitting. So freaking yummy! I had the strangest combo of foods, sprouts and cinnamon sugar toast. It WAS good, and exactly what I wanted at the time. My husband thought I was strange, oh well!

For this next week my goal is to use up the produce in my fridge. I also bought a planner, so maybe I’ll try my hand at meal planning? Doubt it’ll work for me, it’s not my style, I eat with the season and sales.

Oh and still loving my eggs. I did buy a bunch of them and I have always enjoyed hard boiled egg whites, I could eat a dozen of them in a sitting. I finally got through my packages of croissants, and surprisingly I kinda miss them. I tend to get burned out on foods fast. I went to Whole Foods today, but I resisted the urge to actually purchase any. I knew I had toast to eat and yeah, I’ll survive.

Of course below are the images from each day, these are screen shots of my myfitnesspal logs. If you are on MFP, leave a comment with your user name or link and maybe we can be friends. Images are in order from left to right.

Have a great day!