Weight Loss Weeks #8 – Slight Progress and general life updates!

So this week is stressful for me. As I explained in the video my husband is trying to join the Navy and today actually (in about 2 hours) we’re going to meet with the recruiter to hopefully setup the date for him to go take the ASVAB and pass through MEPS. I am proud of myself with how well I’ve handled the stress to be honest. I haven’t had any massive panic attack for awhile and for the most part It’s under control. I am guilty of sometimes eating a few extra calories out of comfort, but nothing that would be like binge eating disorder or anything.

Last week my weight was 221.3 and this week it’s down to 220.7lbs. That is a difference of -6 pounds. My bmi is down to 34.6 (according to the Wii-fit). I was curious to see if my measurements had gone down since my weight is only down 1.5lbs since the beginning of the year. While I did lose SOME inches, I wish it would have been more:

Waist: – .5in
Forearm: + .5in
Thighs: -.5in
Neck: -.25in

Some good advice for not only myself, but for you to remember is, you didn’t become overweight in a few weeks time. It probably took years, so why expect it to reverse any quicker. As frustrating and heart breaking as it is to go through. It just takes time.

All in all, I did okay at my goals (maybe not a lot of exercise, but it IS cold and snowing here). My goals are just to continue to eat healthy foods and exercise when I can.

Don’t you love the pretty snow? That’s the Midwest for you. Have a great day!


Weight Loss Weeks #7 – Plateaus Suck!

I expected to be up by more this week than I was so I’m not really mad about it. This weekend, as most of you know, was Valentines day. We rented a car, bought some stuff and spent way too much money. We enjoyed going out to eat and yeah, just all around good time. 220.7lbs last week to 221.3lbs this morning.

My goals are just to keep making good healthy food and try to fit in more exercise!


Love With Food Unboxing February 2015 – Deluxe Box

If you would like to get your own snack box for free, all you pay is $2 shipping. Click HERE or go to: http://lovewithfood.com/invite?m=r&ref=213t . Full disclosure: If you do use my link I will get 500 points for merchandise in the future. This is no gimmick, if you don’t like the box just cancel your subscription. It’s super easy. =)

Anyways, It’s that time of month again guys where I get to open up my love with food box and feel like it’s Christmas! I have mixed feelings about this month’s box as you can see from my reactions. The cheese puff things aren’t as bad as I thought they would be, I tried them. They make me think of cheesy poofs from south park, LOL!

Here is what was in this months box:

2 packages of Lemon wafer bites by Dolcetto
2 packages of Traditional hot chocolate by Monbana
2 packages of Olive oil chips by Boulder Canyon
2 packages of Baked Mac N’ Cheese puffs by Snikiddy
4 pieces of Milk Chocolate by Divine Chocolate
4 packets of Original Creole Seasoning by Tony Chachere’s
2 rIse energy bars by Rise bar
4 toffee crunch trufflecremes by Dilettante
1 package of Cookie Things by Mrs. Thinsters
1 package of Rosemary and sea salt pork clouds by Bacon’s Heir