Weight Loss Week #26 | Weight Roller Coaster & Chatty Vlog

This week my weight is up to 217.6lbs from 216.3lbs last week, I misspoke in the video so I’m sorry about that. I did weigh myself this morning and I was 215.6lbs however so I believe my weight is just a roller coaster right now that is trying to stabilize out again. So far, I haven’t gained it all back. I have resigned myself that even if I did gain it all back I would be okay with it.

My exercise has been going better, I went to the gym 3 days last week and even managed to burn 330 calories on the elliptical which for me is a lot. I felt great afterwards and probably could have kept going. I also went to the garden, which I will probably talk about in a garden update/vlog, so I got more exercise there.

The rest of the video is just chatty about my diet change, check it out if you want to know, because I’m admittedly tired and too lazy to type it all. Hey… at least I’m honest! Below is my weight chart so far for this year.


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My reaction and my thoughts.

Weight Loss Week #25 | Byebye Paleo!

I’m going to try to keep this as short as I can. In terms of the just the weight this week I am up to 216.3lbs this is a gain of .7 pounds. This is likely due to it being “that time of the month” and my reintroduction of grains/carbs to my diet which I will explain a little more. I have gotten lazy with the gym and I need to get back into the habit of it honestly, although you can blame my sushi induced food poisoning last week on my lack of video and lack of exercise.

Now for the other stuff. I know I will get some hate for this post and really on my video, but I feel the need to be transparent. Someone who is looking for help or advice will find this and maybe it will help them? Remember folks I’m not a doctor so please consult one before starting/changing your diet.

For almost 3 months now I have been following a primal / paleo style diet. I aimed for 100g of carb a day average throughout the week. I never aimed to be keto so please look up the difference before you try correct me (thank you!). In the beginning as you’ve seen I felt great, my mood was fine and my energy was up there. I am kicking major butt in the gym, although I think that was a coincidence now, and I was able to just have far more stamina for exercise. Mentally however is where I started to falter. As I believe I said in one or two videos I started to experience what I call adult temper tantrum. I wanted to eat something, but I “couldn’t” have it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I was Asian of some form in a past life and I missed rice like you couldn’t believe. So finally after my husband expressing his sadness over our lack of sushi we went out to get some. I had mostly raw fish, but a few pieces of nigiri and a veggie roll also. Well the rice didn’t make me sick but the fish did as I got food poisoning. Hence why I didn’t want to do anything last week.

Anyways later in the week I ended up having a major tantrum, where I just sat and cried at my computer for 20 minutes because I haven’t really eaten all day and was hungry. Everything I tried to eat tasted gross to me and my husband offered me Thai food. I then went on a depressed rage/rant about how the carbs would make me gain all my weight back. Then things kind of clicked. Now don’t get me wrong, I do NOT have an eating disorder, but to start spouting off disordered thoughts like that really makes you take a step back. I tried paleo for my health, but health is more than just physical, it’s mental and emotional as well. Mentally I was having issues. I made the choice to get that Thai food and it was great. It had meat, veggies, and rice noodles in it. I’m sure it had wheat in the soy sauce, but I digress. Other than being a bit swollen from the salt, I felt greater than I had in awhile! Everyday since then I’ve had some form of carbs. I’ve eaten rice a few times, but mainly I’ve been enjoying sandwiches made of, yes that, evil wheat grain. You know what, sure I’ve gained back a pound but a pound is worth feeling better. Even if I gained back 2 or 4lbs I would be fine. I don’t WANT to gain it back, but I accept it if I have to. I have gone from 100g to 200-300g of carbs again a day and my fat has cut way back again. This style of eating makes me feel more comfortable and financially it’s MUCH easier for me.

Paleo works guys, I’m not going to tell you it doesn’t, but you need to be able to handle it mentally as well as financially and physically. Financially there was no way I could afford it long term. Even conventional meat (which tastes NASTY by the way) is expensive and my cheap fat/protein source, eggs, has doubled or more in price due to bird flu. Rice and grains are much cheaper and maybe (although doubtful at this point) down the road I want to try it again when I have more money, sure, but for now I think I’m fine.

So to sum it up; paleo did not work for me for several reasons, I’ve gained back .7 pounds and I’m happier for it. Oh and my jeans are still falling off my butt so that’s fine!