Grocery Haul : Trader Joe’s & Whole Foods 05/24/2015

Quick grocery haul, mainly stocking up on not beef. Picked up a basil plant for our garden and just enjoyed the day.

Trader Joe’s:

Grade B maple syrup – $16.99
Organic ketchup – $1.99
6X ground Turkey – $2.99 each ($17.94 total)
Bacon ends and pieces – $3.49
uncured applewood bacon – $4.49
Pecan pieces – $3.99
Dr Bronner’s soap – $3.49
3lb bag golden potatoes – $2.49
Grassfed cheddar cheese – $3.59
Kumato tomatoes – $3.49
red pepper – 69¢
9 bananas – $1.71
Basil plant – $3.99

Total: $59.76
(I did return 3 things)

Whole Foods:

3 whole chickens – $24.81
Olives – $2.2
Chocolove bar – $3.19
gunpowder tea – 80¢
oregano – 72¢
onion powder – $1.82
cumin powder – 96¢
garlic powder – 51¢
-10¢ bag refund
Total: $35.12

Unfortunately I’ll be returning all the chicken on Tuesday because upon opening it I noticed that the chicken had poop all over it, a bunch of feather still attached and other fun stuff. Normally I’d just take the feather off, but the poop bothers me. Ya know… considering I’d been packaged for who knows how long.


Garden Update #1 2015 Season – Midwest Community Plot

First garden update of the season, this is so exciting for me! Last year we had smashing success in our 1 garden plot, which is the first one I show in the video. I got well over 100 pounds of food out of this thing. This year we were blessed enough to get 2 plots! The sweet lady who runs this community garden allowed me 2 plots as a way to supplement my income sorta. I say that in, we are so poor that food is hard to come by sometimes so we will be using this to save money. I’m also growing new things this year. My dream in life is to settle down on a small family farm and have a family, I think of this sometimes like practice.

Here is the first bed in the video, we’ll call this #22 since that’s my garden plot number:


1.) fanfare cucumbers
2.) tasty green, orient express
3+ 4.) Kentucky Wonder Garden Beans (pole bean)
5.) Snowbird peas (snow peas)
6.) Heirloom Sugar Daddy Peas (string-less)
7.) Old German Tomato
8.) Sweet Basil
9 + 10.) Organic Kaleidoscope Blend Carrots
11 + 12.) Salad Rose Radish
13.) Ruby Lettuce
14.) Matchless Lettuce
15.) Cilantro
16.) Elephant Garlic
17.) Organic Kaleidoscope Blend Carrots
18 + 19.) Heirloom Chioggia Beets
20.) Endive Lettuce
21.) Big Bertha Bell Pepper

Here is the second bed, we’ll call this #30 since that’s the garden plot number:


1.) Organic Russet Potato
2 + 3.) Organic Yukon Gold Potato
4 + 5.) Organic Red Potato
6 + 13 + 20.) Tokyo Long White Onion (Spring onions)
7.) Big Chili Pepper
8 + 9 + 10.) Organic Red Potato
14.) Little Gem Lettuce
19.) Baby’s Leaf Hybrid Spinach
21.) Rosemary

My sweet potatoes I have sprouting right now are Japanese sweet potato, Jewel sweet potato, and purple stokes sweet potato. Once I figure out which slips are good and plant them, I’ll make an update at that time.

I’m also really proud of that wire trellis thing you see on the first plot. There are a bunch of scrap pieces of things around this community garden and they are free game so I put a wire rod in the ground, used string and wire to attach that wire mesh in the back, and bolted 2 pieces of metal together for the left side. We also used some thin pvc pipe to thread through the wire and stabilize it. It is holding up really good and I put all my vining stuff in the back hoping it would work out better than last year. Last year I got into a hurry and didn’t plan the garden as well as I’d hoped.

I will also admit it’s been about a week since I filmed this (on May 16th) so some of the stuff is really growing. I don’t think all my peas germinated, so I might have to replant, same with the carrots I’m afraid they got washed out. We’ll have to see. 2 of the Potatoes though (1 red, and the russet) are already sticking out of the ground. Typically they take 6 weeks to pop out so this is REALLY good.

Gonna wrap this post up, but can’t wait til next week!
PS. I’m not paid to say this but a great tool to use to plan your square foot garden is THIS. I find it very helpful.

Weight Loss Week #20 – Sore!

Sorry I was so late getting this up, I actually had to record the video a second time because I realized it came out blurry… OOPS! Anyhow, I am SORE. I weighed myself this morning and I was 218.7 lbs, which I believe is up .2 lbs from last week. However if you see the chart in the video, I had been losing weight until this morning. I think this is a combination of eating my dinner at like 9pm (I normally eat around 5-6pm) and being so swollen from exercise. On Sunday I did 30 minutes on the elliptical machine at almost max resistance and what not. Best part was, I was fine! I could have probably gone for an hour if I could. Monday night I worked for an hour in the garden, frost covering my crops. My local farmers kept telling me, “oh yeah.. It’s fine just plant them now”… well yeah I wish I wouldn’t have. I’m REALLY hoping all my plants aren’t dead when I go there tomorrow morning. Last year we last most of our crops after a late frost. Then to top it all off, yesterday my husband and myself walked to Trader Joe’s and went to Whole Foods (grocery haul coming on Saturday) and it was about 2.5 miles carrying groceries.

I’m starting to have more faith in this “fad” paleo/primal diet. My energy and stamina for exercise and just day to day life is amazing and I feel GREAT! I feel like a broken record, but It’s nice to praise something that makes you feel awesome.

Oh and here are the links to those recipes, sorry I forgot to post them last time:

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