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First Omaha Farmers Market 2015 — LOTS of rain & tiny haul

Yeah It’s a tiny video I know. It’s a tradition for us now to go to the first market of the season, rain or shine! We needed the rain so I’m not mad but I think It’ll take like a week to dry out my shoes. Plus you get to see the elusive husband, what a smile.

For my tiny haul I got:

6 pound jar (1/2 gallon) raw local honey – $30 plus $2 jar deposit
6 bunches MASSIVE onions – $4.50
meat sticks – $5 (we bought 3 pieces)
Candied jalapenoes – $6

Total: $47.50

Eh a little high when I think about it, but we needed the honey.

Have a great day everyone!


Mini Grocery Haul

Here is my grocery haul from today. Sorry I didn’t post the big haul from Friday like I promised some of you. I had company come over and just couldn’t film at the time. Instead here if the mini haul from whole foods. I hope you enjoy. As far as my weight, I weighed in at 252.9 this morning. We celebrated my husband’s birthday today so I of course I over ate, plus I had some alcohol, so I’ll probably gain like 2lbs tomorrow. That’s okay, definitely have to work harder at the gym.

I got:

1 bottle coarse sea salt
2 bottles dry sake
vegan sour cream (tofutti)
2 small ginger chews
1 red banana
1 big leak
oriental rice snacks
1lb organic hard white wheat berries
2lb organic raw sunflower seeds
1lb organic rye berries
1lb organic crystallized ginger
1.5lb organic oat groats
$28.00 aprox.