Granola Crazy, Kitchen Cleaning, & Insomnia

(NOTE: This is a re-post of an entry from 2009-2010 on my old wordpress blog before I got my own domain. I have transferred it here just for record keeping. Any images marked with are still property of and myself. I DON’T ADVISE NOR FOLLOW A 1000 CALORIE DIET ANYMORE! Please consult a Dr. If you are considering a low calorie diet! Thank You!)

I keep telling myself to go to bed, and for some reason I keep doing more. Really I think I’ve lost it. So I finished my personal vendetta against my unorganized kitchen. Maybe I’ll take a few photos tomorrow. I got rid of my “junk drawer”, I turned it into a manual/rarely used utensil drawer. I also cleaned out my silverware drawer.

After I got done cleaning I realized I told my husband I’d make more granola. So I did just that, then I realized I should share that recipe with everyone. I’ve been making this type of granola since mid 2009. Normally I make it with soaked oat groats, but I didn’t have that many left so instead I made it with rolled oats. Honestly it tastes the same, but rolled oats aren’t raw. The recipe is normally raw so I urge you to try it that way.

After I get done posting the granola recipe, I think I’ll finish organizing my bathroom then I’m off to bed, my stomach is killing me, maybe I’m hungry, who knows.

Also, I’ve decided to change my nutritional info photos to a more traditional looking format, from now on You’ll notice they look like the stuff you see on boxed food. I had some complaints about people not understanding the cron-o-meter.


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